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By Karl Ayling, Nov 7 2016 09:37PM

I was born in the 1960’s, and became born again as a Christian in 2004. I was the second foetus that my mother had carried having mis-carried the baby she was having immediately before I was conceived.

What are my qualifications? I've been directly involved in two abortions during my adult life. Nothing quite matches the shame, humilitation and sheer desperation brought on by knowing Jesus and knowing abortion too. Yet, I’ve made it this far, thank God, and hopefully, unless some pro-euthanasia sop gets hold of me, I’ll live a ‘normal’ life expectancy.

8,400,000 aborted children the UK since 1967 were not so lucky.

David Steel's 1967 Abortion Act

The Abortion Act 1967 was introduced by the liberal MP David Steel, later of the Liberal Democrats.

Supported by the Labour government under Harold Wilson. David Steel introduced the bill as a Private Member's Bill after drawing third place in the ballot on 12th May 1966. The bill would not have reached the statute book but for the support of the government which provided the parliamentary time needed to get the bill through. The government was sympathetic to the measure but did not want to include it in its own legislative programme. The bill was eventually given a third reading by the House of Commons on 14th July 1967, and came into force on 27th April 1968.

Abortion is regulated by the Abortion Act 1967, which permits a doctor to perform an abortion if two doctors agree that there are medical grounds for it. The Act has rules about the premises where abortions may be conducted and about certifying and registering abortions.

In practice, the Department of Health allows doctors to sanctio_nAbortions without genuine medical grounds and seeks to ensure that abortion is provided in every possible case. This policy has led to a total of over 8.4 million abortions since the Act was passed, mostly for social reasons, not medical indications. Technically speaking the vast majority of UK abortions are illegal.

The Abortion Act does not apply in Northern Ireland, but pro-abortion groups like Amnesty and Marie Stopes are working strenuously to extend the killing there. The NHS finances nearly all abortions in Britain.


Abortion has been regulated by law in the UK for many centuries. Records of several English legal cases show that abortion was certainly regarded as unlawful at common law in 17th-19th centuries, and probably from the 13th century - nearly as far back as legal records go. In 19th century, parliament consolidated the law in the Offences Against the Person Act of 1861. The 1861 Act remains the principal, underlying statute o_nAbortion in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It does not apply in Scotland, where the legal history is different, and abortion is regarded as subject to common law as well as the 1967 Abortion Act, which applies across Britain.

The impact of 8,400,000 abortions on the UK’s social cohesion cannot be underestimated. I’m sure that sociologists and social commentators wiser and brighter that me are tinkering with this issue. Just think for a moment how many more children could have been born had the 1967 Act introduced adoption or another form of social care instead of murder.

Just as the post-war population adjusts to an aging demographic increasingly apparent in the last 40 years. The UK has undergone the social change of a big reduction in the number of child births and a corresponding increase in the number of welcome and unwelcome migrants to the UK.

To give you an idea of the correlation in the numbers. On average the UK has had around 210,000 abortions each year.

The Brexit campaign was partly run along the lines of net migration of around this number, maybe slightly more.

History has been changed and the social demography of the UK transformed into a permissive, liberal democracy that is riddled to the core in every corner of society with corruption, barely hidden under a veneer of northern-European pseudo-supremacy. I wonder what moderately religious immigrants make of this aspect of life here in the UK, especially the staggering consequences to family life of the numbers of abortions that have taken place since 1967.

A big thank you to Peter Smith at SPUC for stats and information; http://www.spuc.org.uk/

Bye for now

God bless


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