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Beautiful verses of Psalmic poetry are mingled with shocking and heart-breaking reality in Massive Power Massive Love. This unique book records Karl's ongoing journey of recovery from abuse and addiction to freedom and joy in Jesus, and will bring blessing to all who read it, and  genuine hope to all those struggling with the pain of abuse or addiction in their own lives.

About the Book

Karl Ayling started to become aware in the 1980's that all was not well with the world or with him. Initially utilising the energy used on being an avid Judo player, rugby player and half marathon runner - this dedication to physical prowess was transferred gradually into the study of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Sociology, Psychology, Ontology and latterly Theology, Training and personal development in a wide variety of disciplines were eventually dissolved when Karl found Jesus. He was invited to a Healing Conference in Esher, Surrey and there, met the partners who would later form the backbone of Cheam Healing Rooms with initial training provided by the amazing people at South West London Healing Rooms. Between early 2006 and early 2014 Karl ministered at SW London Healing Rooms and on outreach in various London locations. In 2009 he was involved with a group of 12 believers who went on mission to Burundi in central Africa - where events that would change his life forever were experienced. More recently, Karl has embarked upon life changing counselling and inner healing ministry as well as finding time to write his first book. He is happy to speak at a wide range of engagements bringing hope and the message of life in Jesus to those in need, particularly survivors of sexual, emotional and physical abuse. Karl is available for one-to-one prayerful ministry counselling and can respond to email enquiries and prayer requests, please see the link above.

Although I am a speck of dust on a grain of sand I believe that by the mighty power of my Father in Heaven a purpose is emerging.

Gradually revealed,

Slowly taking shape in this lifetime.

Day by day His still small voice tells me that though my sin runs crimson and I am soaked in the tainted filth of this world,

He has called me and saved me.

He has written my name in the book of life.

By His blood I am purified, not by any works that I have done, but by His grace.

Oh how I long for my brothers and sisters to detect the heart and see the light that brings life eternal.

Oh how I give thanks for my new heart, my new mind, my healing.

Thank you Daddy.

Book Extract: Mercy Shines

About the Author

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Saved & Healed by Jesus

Karl grew up a fighter, living on the darker side of South London until the age of 41 when Jesus found him broken, dishevelled and suicidal. But he didn’t leave him there…


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“Hidden within Karl's poems are gems, insights that feed us:  angels being able to fly because they hold things lightly, 'The rainbow-chasing ceased',

’A step out of the wilderness towards wonder.'” – Dr Lin Button, founder of the Healing Prayer School and on the staff of All Saints Woodford Wells.